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Natural mango wood furniture

A signature of nature

The mango tree is not limited to the mango, its famous fruit. Its wood, of remarkable solidity and stability, is very popular in the furniture and decoration industry. Its natural and warm texture illuminates interiors, adding a touch of authenticity to each room.

Mango wood furniture has grown in popularity in recent years. This light and shiny wood is now popular. In addition to its beauty, mango wood seduces with its durability and solidity, equivalent to that of teak but easier to work, for example, than acacia wood. This characteristic offers great freedom of design, making mango wood a very popular material for creating furniture.

Here are five facts to know about the mango tree:

1 - Wood from the mango tree is renowned for its great hardness, which makes it durable and solid.

2 - This wood comes from fruit farming, which makes it a very resistant material.

3 - Over time, fine cracks can form in the wood, giving it a special charm.

4 - Maintaining mango wood is generally simple, a simple cleaning with a damp cloth is sufficient.

5 - Mango wood is particularly popular for making furniture with a vintage, industrial or authentic style.

The mango wood we use comes from carefully controlled, environmentally friendly plantations in India. This wood is unique because it comes from the sustainable exploitation of mango trees grown mainly for their fruits. After approximately 7 to 15 years of fruit production, the trees are felled, then their trunks are cut into large pieces and dried. Originally from India, the mango tree is now found in many tropical regions around the world, including Europe, mainly Spain. Thanks to its rapid growth and sustainability, mango wood is a product of which we are particularly proud.

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