Furniture care tips

Most of our products are wood imported from North Africa or Asia. It is a natural plant-based material that is sensitive to moisture and heat changes.

In order to maintain their quality and optimize their longevity, it is important to take care of them. Below is a list of care tips to help keep your furniture shiny.


Most often a clean, soft, lint-free cloth is sufficient for cleaning. Moisten it with a little water, so that the fabric catches the dust without wetting the wood. 

We recommend this method rather than the use of existing cleaning products, these may contain chemical components. Admittedly, they initially give the illusion of a satisfactory result, but they can hide harmful side effects for the varnish of your furniture (white spots, `` peels '' of the varnish, opaque surface ...)

Care instructions 

Protection of wood against moisture:

Exposure, especially sudden wood moisture can cause damage to your furniture such as cracks or twists. Thus, it is best not to expose furniture near an air duct so that it does not suffer from changes in air temperature. In winter, the climate is all the harsher and dry, so you have to be particularly careful during this difficult time.

Protection against chemicals, sun and other sources of heat:

Avoid exposing your furniture directly to the sun, the contact of these with the uv ray may discolor or even crack the wood.

Be careful not to place hot objects on the furniture, the heat can alter the composition of the furniture and leave traces. This problem can be circumvented by the installation of resistant trivets. Be careful, if you put decorative objects, place stamps under them beforehand.

Special case of unvarnished furniture:

Unglazed furniture is more vulnerable, so it deserves special attention. We recommend using teak oil to give new life to your furniture. The ports of the wood will absorb teak oil, the latter will block uv rays and prevent moisture from penetrating the wood.

To use it, it is necessary beforehand the surface to be cleaned is dry, clean without dust. Using a clean, lint-free cloth, apply teak oil with regular, gentle movements. The ideal is to distribute the material in the same way over the entire surface of the furniture.

After about ten minutes, take another cloth and wipe the surface to remove the material, until the table is completely dry. It is important that your movements always work in the direction of making wood.  


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