History of our furnitures

We invite you to travel by discovering the history behind our furniture.    

Since our creation, it has been fundamental to satisfy the needs of our customers while respecting the conditions of our suppliers. It is this balance that allows us today to offer you a range of furniture belonging to a responsible trade.

Everything starts very far from Canada. Indeed, our furniture is mainly made in Asia, which gives them all their charm, in Jodhpur in the north ofIndia, or in the cities of Fes or Marrakech in the north ofAfrica. Kif-Kif import carefully chooses its suppliers to guarantee their quality and authenticity.

Once the furniture is ready, it is shipped directly to our warehouse in Rosemont, in the city of Montreal. The furniture passes into the expert hands of our cabinet maker to perfect the finishes. In the same way, it is in our workshops that we personalize your furniture according to your desires.

Now is the last step, distribution to individuals and retailers. Our team of sales advisers puts his professionalism at your service to guide you and find the room that suits you. While you are the final step of this journey, since it is at your home that our delivery men come to deposit your furniture.

Delivery policies