Protect and maintain your furniture.

The exotic wood furniture and massive give your interior a warm and authentic note from elsewhere. The grain of natural materials such as wood can vary and this is considered a clean characteristic and not a defect. Wood is a living natural material that can react to the humidity and drought that surrounds it, its contraction and expansion are part of its characteristics.

In order to preserve the natural beauty of exotic woods, there are some good practices and cleaning tips that are very useful to know.

  • Keep your furniture away from sources of heat, such as heaters, fireplaces, and air ducts.
  • Maintain a stable temperature and humidity level in your home. 
  • Protect your furniture from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration of the wood.
  • Avoid placing hot or wet objects on the wood. This could whiten the polish.
  • Use heat-resistant underpads.
  • Accessories placed on your furniture can discolour the wood in the long term. Move them from time to time.
  • Do not use any commercial cleaning products. This could dull the varnish and the wood in the long run.
  • Dust your furniture with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth in the direction of the wood grain.
  • Use a dry or wet, but not wet, cloth to clean your wood furniture.
  • Sponge any liquid spilled on the spot.


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