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Extendable acacia dining table 1.5" natural edge champagne base

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This dining table features a naturally shaped 1,5" solid acacia wood top, designed to complement any interior decor.


Find the authenticity of wood through our solid acacia wood dining table models.
Their salient features? A wooden top highlighting the natural relief of your table. With a metal base, this dining table mixes styles with elegance.


Natural wood color and grain, untinted, semi-gloss varnish that reveals the vibrant color palette of acacia wood, ranging from yellow to dark orange.

Acacia wood and metal
2 boxes
Weight: 63" = 110Kg; 72" = 135Kg
Assembly required
Made in India

No part will be exactly identical to the presentation photos because each of our furniture is unique.

Our products are handcrafted from natural raw materials. The colors and structures of the woods used may therefore vary from one piece of furniture to another and may vary from the visuals on our website or from the product you have seen in demonstration in one of our stores.



The movement of wood is most often associated with fluctuations in humidity. Therefore, try to keep the relative humidity in the area of ​​your wood furniture between 30% and 40%, and avoid any sudden temperature difference.

Exposure, especially sudden wood moisture can cause damage to your furniture such as cracks or twists. Thus, it is best not to expose furniture near an air duct so that it does not suffer from changes in air temperature. In winter, the climate is all the harsher and dry, so you have to be particularly careful during this difficult time.

Protection against chemicals, sun and other sources of heat:

Avoid exposing your furniture directly to the sun, the contact of these with the uv ray may discolor or even crack the wood. Over the seasons, all furniture undergoes changes, due to changes in temperature and ambient humidity, resulting in slight cracks. All these differences are not defects but on the contrary affirm the particularity of your wooden furniture.

Be careful not to place hot objects on the furniture, the heat can alter the composition of the furniture and leave traces. This problem can be circumvented by the installation of resistant trivets. Be careful, if you put decorative objects, place stamps under them beforehand.



Like any living material, different shades can occur through the finish. Even if the finish used is similar, a variation in color, shade, aspect or tint between several pieces of furniture but also on the same piece of furniture may occur.

As well as knots, woodworking products (wood putty, epoxy, etc.) or assembly lines can be visible through the painted surface and for some pieces of furniture this can be a deliberately sought-after aspect.


Ready-to-assemble products should be handled with care and caution. Inspect each part and hardware BEFORE assembly. Parts and/or hardware claims must be made BEFORE assembly. Damage resulting from assembly errors and/or mishandling of parts, including scratches, is not covered by this warranty.




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Dimensions, weights and volumes may have a margin of error.

Small cracks and fissures can develop with changes in humidity and temperature. This is a natural and uncontrollable characteristic of solid wood furniture. Natural wood will have variations in color and texture - no two pieces are alike.

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Carole benoit (Deux-Montagnes, QC, CA)
Live Edge extendable dining table with metal base X

Excellent service I couldn't be happier with my purchase! Make sure you have several extra pairs of hands to help you on the day of delivery as this table is very heavy.


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