Guarantee and return


For normal use, our furniture is guaranteed for one year on construction defects related to domestic use only.

As you know, the wood species used in the manufacture of our furniture imported from Asia (India, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.) are different from those used in North America. Over the seasons, all furniture undergoes changes, due to changes in temperature and ambient humidity, resulting in slight cracks. All these differences are not defects but on the contrary affirm the particularity of your wooden furniture.

Ready-to-assemble products should be handled with care and caution. Inspect each part and hardware BEFORE assembly. Parts and/or hardware claims must be made BEFORE assembly. Damage resulting from assembly errors and/or mishandling of parts, including scratches, is not covered by this warranty.



The movement of wood is most often associated with fluctuations in humidity. Therefore, try to keep the relative humidity in the area of ​​your wood furniture between 30% and 40%, and avoid any sudden temperature difference.


Normal characteristics of solid wood furniture

Like any living material, different shades can occur through the finish. Even if the finish used is similar, a variation in color, shade, aspect or tint between several pieces of furniture but also on the same piece of furniture may occur.

As well as knots, woodworking products (wood putty, epoxy, etc.) or assembly lines can be visible through the painted surface and for some pieces of furniture this can be a deliberately sought-after aspect.



What appears to be an imperfection is actually just an inherent peculiarity of solid wood furniture.

- small natural movements of the wood.
- wood warping of less than 0,6% of the width (cross grain) of the wood surface.
- surface cracks less than 3 mm wide, deflection of cabinetry product (resin, glue and wood filler) fills above or below the level of the surface of the wood by less than 2 mm.
- Stumps and other furniture made with planks of wood greater than 2. "Even if they are kiln-dried, there are often deep traces of moisture in these planks of wood when this moisture eventually disappears. the narrowing of the wood will cause additional cracking, since cracks in this type of part are expected, they are not considered a defect.


      The warranty does not cover:

      - normal wear and tear, such as tears, scratches
      damage caused by impact or accident
      - Ia discoloration of the product, variation in the color of the wood due to exposure to direct and indirect natural light (acacia wood may have a dewy variation)
      shrinkage, pilling of materials, warping of upholstery materials
      Products that have been improperly stored, assembled or installed, improperly used, misused
      damage caused by abuse or misuse
      products modified or cleaned using unsuitable methods and/or products (grease or oil stains, heat rings, use of chemical cleaning products, etc.)
      damage from using glass on a wooden table top


        - all wooden components used outdoors or subjected to abnormal humidity or prolonged exposure to humidity
        - shipping damage, unless it is a packaging problem
        - work carried out or damage caused by third-party installers not mandated by Kif-Kif Import




          Within 7 days of purchase, you can request a credit note for any item that is not suitable for you.
          After taking possession of your order, you have 48 hours to request an exchange or a credit note. You must return the product to us in its original packaging, assuming the shipping and/or handling costs.

          When receiving your order, please ensure that you have received all the products ordered. It is recommended that you review your invoice before the delivery staff leaves, and notify them of any discrepancies. Please indicate on your invoice any incident occurring during the delivery and contact us as soon as possible. Kif-Kif Import and the carrier will not be responsible for a problematic situation that has not been indicated on the delivery note. If you notice a defect in your merchandise, keep all its original packaging and complete the form below or contact us by email at within 24 hours of your delivery to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken. taken.


          Delivery policies

          Pick up in a shop or warehouse Kif-Kif Import

          In-store pick-up is only possible for display furniture, purchased and taken away the same day. Boutique and warehouse staff are not authorized to assist you with packing, handling and lifting a product or loading your order into your vehicle.

          In order to ensure the safety of our customers and our advisers, we have temporarily stopped picking in stores for all products that require handling by 2 people, depending on weight and volume.

          Once available, orders must be picked up within 5 days or they will be returned to our warehouse and a weekly storage fee may be charged from the sixth day.

          Warehouse pickup is available by appointment only, Tuesday through Saturday.
          Please ensure that the vehicle used for the pickup is suitable for the safe transport of the merchandise in its original packaging.

          Kif-Kif Import cannot be held responsible if the goods cannot be loaded into the vehicle due to the dimensions and / or the weight of the goods.


          The majority of your orders are shipped FREE *, in Montreal and its metropolitan area, using our curbside delivery service.
          Our logistics department will confirm a delivery date by email. You must be available between 9 a.m. and 20 p.m. on the day of your delivery. The estimate of a time slot of 4 hours will be communicated to you at the latest the day before delivery. * schedule not guaranteed, which may vary depending on road conditions and other events beyond our control.

          Charges apply for certain heavy and bulky items, for regions far from Montreal and for other provinces of Canada.
          The delivery person will leave your order at the curb, accessible closest to your house or building. All our delivery services, including the White Gloves services, are maintained but adapted to strict sanitary measures.
          * Exceptions may apply for products or orders outside formats, special orders.

          Accessories and small products
          Accessories and small products are delivered by standard shipment with FedEx, UPS or Purolator. Orders are delivered Monday through Friday.

          Larger products and / or orders, delivery address outside the local area:

          Larger products and / or orders can be shipped and / or delivered by our partner carriers Monday or Friday. The delivery person will contact the customer to organize and schedule the day of delivery.

          Exceptions for curbside shipping with additional costs:

          - Dining tables 80 '' long and over.
          - Unique pieces and oversized furniture

          It will take around 7 to 15 working days for delivery depending on your destination.
          To take account of public health directives, the organization set up revolves around small teams in order to reduce the number of people in the warehouse. We anticipate additional delays in order processing and delivery times. We thank you for your understanding and your patience. Please note that these times may be longer for deliveries to remote regions and special orders.


          Kif-Kif Import can offer you, under certain conditions, a personalized delivery and installation service for your furniture in Montreal and its suburbs.
          Our logistics department will confirm a delivery date by email. You must be available between 9 a.m. and 20 p.m. on the day of your delivery. The estimate of a time slot of 4 hours will be communicated to you at the latest the day before delivery. * schedule not guaranteed, which may vary depending on road conditions and other events beyond our control. Please note that delivery and shipping companies are not authorized to collect balance payments or service charges.

          Additional charges may apply for certain heavy and bulky items, for regions far from Montreal and for other provinces of Canada:

          - without installation, unpacking, assembly: 2 or 3 movers deposit your order in the first accessible room of your home.


          - with assembly: 2 or 3 movers install and assemble the product (s) of your order in the desired locations.

          The day of delivery

          -Ensure that the dimensions of the doorways, staircases and the storage space provided are large enough to allow delivery people to handle and move the merchandise without constraint.
          -Make sure that the sidewalk and outside access to your home allow our delivery people to work in good conditions (snow removal, open space, etc.)
          -Our delivery personnel do not install, disconnect or move furniture or electrical devices, except for the items indicated on your invoice, and do not carry out any electrical connections, wall or ceiling installation, dismantling of doors or windows and snow removal .
          -For safety reasons, our delivery people cannot remove their shoes / boots. We recommend that you protect the flooring in your home. If difficult conditions arise on delivery, our deliverers will ask you to sign a liability waiver document, or to return to the store to choose other items.

          We do not issue a refund if the items are not suitable for the intended location on your property.