Guarantee and return


As you know, the wood species used in the manufacture of furniture imported from Asia (India, Indonesia, Thailand…) are different from those used in North America.
Over the seasons, all furniture undergoes modifications, due to changes in temperature and ambient humidity, resulting in slight cracks.
All these differences are not defects but on the contrary affirm the peculiarity of your wooden furniture.
Like any living material, different nuances can occur through the finish. Even if the finish used is similar, a variation in color, shade, appearance or hue between several pieces of furniture but also on the same piece of furniture can occur. Likewise, knots or assembly lines may be visible through the painted surface and for certain furniture this may be a deliberately sought-after aspect.
What appears to be an imperfection is actually just a peculiarity inherent in solid wood furniture.
As wood is at the heart of our furniture offer, we pay close attention to our supplies. We make sure that the wood we offer is legal and does not contribute to deforestation.
For normal use, our furniture is guaranteed for one year against construction defects.



The movement of wood is most often associated with fluctuations in humidity. Therefore, try to keep the relative humidity in the area of ​​your wood furniture between 30% and 40%, and avoid any sudden temperature difference.

What is not guaranteed:
- Small natural movements of the wood.
- Warping of the wood of less than 0,6% of the width (transverse grain) of the surface of the wood. surface cracks less than 2 mm (1/12 ") wide, deflection of cabinetry product (resin, glue and wood filler) fills above or below the level of the wood surface of less than 2 mm (1/12 ")
- Stumps and other furniture made with planks of wood greater than 3. "Even if they are kiln-dried, there are often deep traces of moisture in these planks of wood when this moisture eventually disappears. the narrowing of the wood will cause additional cracking, since cracks in this type of part are expected, they are not considered a defect.
- Damage caused by misuse or misuse (grease stains, oil, round of heat, use of chemical cleaning products ...)
- All wood components used outdoors or subject to abnormal humidity or prolonged exposure to moisture.
- Shipping damage, unless it is a packaging problem.
- Work performed or damage caused by third party installers.



Within 7 days of purchase, you can request a credit note for any item that is not suitable for you.
After taking possession of your order, you have 48 hours to request an exchange or a credit note. You must return the product to us in its original packaging, assuming all shipping and / or handling costs. For normal use, our furniture is guaranteed for one year against construction defects.

When receiving your order, please ensure that you have received all of the products ordered. It is recommended that you review your invoice before delivery personnel leave, and advise them of any discrepancies. Please indicate on your invoice any incident that occurred during delivery and contact us as soon as possible. Kif-Kif Import and the carrier will not be responsible for a problematic situation which was not indicated on the delivery note. If you notice a defect in your merchandise, keep all its original packaging and contact us by email at within 48 hours of your delivery to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken.

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